Belum Cukup Umur (2010)

Sebuah citer baru dari Indonesia
Genre: Drama
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"Three friends: Soraya (Joanna Alexandra), Ares (Zidni Adam), and Brenda (Mentari) are 15 years old high school students that have been friends for long time.One day, Soraya, the most sensitive among the three got pregnant by Ares. Brenda, who is in love with Ares gets angry after knowing the news but eventually agrees to help Soraya.Getting pregnant out of marriage and early in their teens are not something the young teenagers are expecting. Finally they agree to abort the baby as Soraya and Ares are not ready to get married and mature enough to be parents as they are still under 18 years old.Soon they make a journey to find a doctor that are willing to abort the baby. The three face the test of friendship, love and obstacles during the searching process. Will they find a doctor and abort the baby in the end?".

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